Postcard from Turkey

Hello Lovely Kent Staters, it has been a while! My apologies, but the last two weeks have been busy for me and possibly for those of you who celebrate the holidays.
I have good news; our team is 9-2 heading into the second half of the season. At this point we play the same teams we played in the first half. So, that is some promising news. Yet, this is when teams feel they can redeem their previous loss to us.
I have played well the last few weeks despite having a rough time with the jump shot, but it is all part of the game. Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics went 0-9 in three-point attempts recently in ONE game and he is arguably the best shooter in the NBA. I look at this and realize I must stay patient with myself. I'm finding many other ways to help my team too, like cleaning up the rebounds and defending relentlessly. I'm having a lot fun on the court!
Fortunately, I was able to fly home the Saturday after Christmas and spend a few days at home. It was a GREAT time. My mother did not know I was coming home; I surprised her! She was shocked and happy at the same time.
We have a game coming up on Saturday, Jan. 10. I'm looking forward to it. I still don't feel as if I have had a stellar game yet. I've had some quality games, but not a stellar game. Regardless of this, it will happen when it happens. NO PRESSURE! Just go and play the best that Mike Scott can play every single game.
Kent State 08-09
While I was in the beautiful USA, I really wanted to make it to Kent on Dec. 30 to watch the game, but only having a few days at home and traveling all those hours by plane didn't allow me to make it. It was a landslide victory anyhow.
Ok, so now we are 7-7 and entering MAC play.
Mike Brown, former Kent Director of Basketball Operations, reminded me that my junior year started in a similar fashion. I hadn't thought about this before. That year we ended up with 21 wins. It was an accomplishment considering how we had started. Yet, the most important thing is to get to the NCAA tournament and do some damage and progress Kent into a whole other atmosphere, similar to the Elite Eight team.
Ok, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself--one game at a time. Next game @ Ohio University. This is going to be a tough game, no doubt, always is. The atmosphere is simply hostile at all times. I truly believe with the fire power that we have; Al Fisher (2007-2008 MAC Player of the Year), Chris Singletary (potential 2009-2010 MAC Player of the Year), Tyree Evans (one of Virginia's All-Time leading high school scorer); if these three young men learn the in's and out's of each other we can dominate the league. I haven't been at one game, but from my views it seems that the team doesn't know each other well enough.
The raw talent? By far, superior to the last three or four years. It's Geno Ford's first year as head coach; there are just some kinks that have to be worked out with lineups and strategies. He is a very intelligent man when it comes to the court (and off) so I know it will smooth out soon and Kent will prove many wrong about how this season will end.
LEAN WIT IT', ROCK WIT IT'…Do we still do this before the game? Hope so!